Pimples on Your Bum? Here's 6 Tips To Help Get Rid of Them

Australia is the land of the (almost) non-stop summer. It’s a ‘sun’s out, bums out’ kind of climate that you deserve to enjoy without reservations. Unfortunately, this is where bum pimples can become, well, a pain in the arse. Recently, we wrote an article explaining how to prevent bum pimple breakouts. However, if it’s too late and those pesky pimples have already started to appear (after all, butt acne is normal), there are still many effective things you can do to combat them. So, let’s look at how to get rid of pimples on your bum. 

Minimise Your Risk of Folliculitis

Bum pimples commonly arise from a skin condition called folliculitis; ‘inflamed hair follicles’ in layman's terms. Be quick to shower after physical exertion that’s created a cascade of sweat. Removing sweat, oil and dirt from the skin as soon as possible stops the risk of folliculitis and, therefore, bum pimples (and acne in general).

It’s also important to actually wash your bum. Just think about how often you’re sitting down and how easily sweat and oil can become trapped in your pores. It’s common for us to cleanse our face thoroughly but to neglect other areas – all skin needs to be cleansed!

Eat Well

It is, of course, a cliche to say that your body is a reflection of what you feed it. Yet like so many cliches, there’s truth to it. Check out the article we wrote about great foods for healthy, clear and glowing skin. However, the 411 is this: eating natural, high antioxidant foods is fantastic for your skin. Greasy, fatty foods are not.

Practice Bum Skincare

This is perhaps the biggest answer as to how to get rid of your bum pimples: treat your bum to a skincare ritual, just as you would your face. This is where Such Skincare comes in. Our products are designed to make it easy, relaxing and pleasurable to care for your skin – no matter where it is on your body. Have a look at our blog post on applying clay masks to get an idea of how simple and effective our products are. 

We’ve even created the perfect playlists to listen to while you’re enjoying your mask! 

Don't Pick at Your Skin

It’s simple: picking, scratching, and popping will make your bum pimples worse and more painful. No picking! 

Practice Self-care

To be human is to have an ego, and to have an ego is to be a victim of self-criticism. We all have thoughts concerning what we should do to be ‘better’ in this or that. Issues with your skin can be a pretty brutal cycle where the stress of self-criticism about your skin causes it to flare up. While it’s proven that stress negatively affects your skin, the good news is that you’re still in control. 

We feel so strongly about the relationship between self-care and skin that we wrote an article about it! Have a look at four ways to help improve your self-perception and your skin

Wear Loose-fitting Clothing

Wearing looser clothing allows your skin to breathe and reduces the chance of folliculitis. 

So there you have it; these are our best answers as to how to get rid of pimples on your bum. If you’re after more information about getting on top of bum pimples, chat with a Such Skincare team member or check out some of our other insights