4 tips to embracing your amazing self

What’s your best asset? When we asked ourselves this question, coming up with an answer was a lot harder than we expected. While most of us fling compliments at our besties and those we follow on Instagram, we rarely do the same for ourselves.

Many people think that body confidence is about appearance. But for us, true confidence is so much more than loving how your body looks. It’s about how you feel within your body. 

While it’s no easy task, we want to help everybody embrace their body - juicy bits and all.  

That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips to boost body (and bum!) confidence that hopefully help you feel good in your skin.

Care instead of compare

Comparison really is the thief of joy. Why focus on what’s great about someone else’s body when you can appreciate all the magic parts of yours? Your body and bum are unique. Nope, it might not look the same as someone else’s but why do you want it to? 

Instead of feeding the negative narratives that leave us feeling insecure and less excited about hitting the beach or dancing around in our undies, why not flip the stories we tell ourselves. We say less comparing, more caring. Whether that’s taking care with the way you talk to yourself or investing more in the self-care rituals that leave you feeling yourself, it’s all about focusing on your beautiful self.

Embrace your mirror

Time to get out of that comfort zone! When you have a less than friendly relationship with it, it can feel scary looking at your bum in the mirror. But it’s the first step to embracing it, in all its beautiful glory.

When you look in the mirror, start by saying something nice. By spending a few seconds each day checking out your bum in the mirror, accompanied by your favourite body-positive mantras (yeah, you, you straight-up stunner), you’re building a brick house of positivity around that beaut of a boot. Being grateful for the body we have is one of the most powerful things any one of us can do.

Get physical

You better put in the work! Body confidence doesn’t happen overnight. But being in your body, instead of just in your head, is a great way to shake off the bad vibes and go with your body’s state of flow. 

Exercise is a mood booster. Once those endorphins kick in, you'll forget about any lack of body confidence. Feeling fit and healthy is a great way to feel good in your skin. It helps you focus on what your body can do, rather than what it looks like.

Find a workout you love. Whether it makes you feel strong, silly, free or motivated, exercise pulls you into being present with your body. Want to know our favourite workout? We’ve got a bunch of excellent butt exercises that help keep both our mood and butt perky.

Create a bum lovin’ ritual

Incorporate simple pampering rituals into your routine. We do this for our faces, nails and feet, but what about our bums? Well, our beautiful bum masks have you covered...literally. 

Get in touch with your cheeky side when you treat your bum to our carefully selected active ingredients. Believe us, they’ll have you feeling your gorgeous self.