How to use clay masks - are you doing it wrong?

Clay masks are a must have skincare product for all skin types. Most commonly thought of as the answer for breakout prone skin due to their ability to deep clean the skin, absorb excess oil and remove impurities that can clog pores, clay masks (like our Australian Clay Bum Masks) can also be hydrating, making them beneficial for dry, sensitive skin too.

So, how do you use a clay mask? Do you put it on your face or bum, settle in with a glass of wine and a movie, wait until it is dry and hard and wash it off an hour or so later? Yeah, we see you on Instagram with your masked faces and bodies, cracking and flaking. Well, here's where you're going wrong.

We know everyone thinks that if they leave a mask on for longer then it will just provide extra benefits but this is not the case when it comes to clay masks.

So here's the right way to use a clay mask. 

1. Cleanse

Cleanse your skin and then dry your skin off. It doesn't need to be completely dry; if it is a little damp that's okay.

2. Mix

If you are using a powdered or dry clay mask then you will need to mix the mask with water to form a smooth velvety paste. We love powdered masks because they a preservative free and you are not paying for water, just the active ingredients. Make sure you use a non-metal bowl or spoon to mix the mask so you don't negate the detoxifying properties of the clay.

3. Apply

Apply the mask to the skin. If you are using one of our Australian Clay Bum Masks on your body, apply the mask with your hands using circular motions to exfoliate. Remember, keep it gentle. Aggressive exfoliation can really piss your skin off. If you are using the mask on your face, just gently smooth it on. You will still experience the exfoliating effects.

4. Rinse

As soon as the mask starts to dry, wash it off with warm water. No ifs, no buts.
How to use a clay mask

Why you ask? There are three stages of a clay mask. 

When the mask is damp, your skin is taking in all the beneficial ingredients.

As the clay mask starts to dry, it stimulates blood flow and contracts.

But when it is left sitting on your skin dry, it will take moisture from your skin, which can make the skin feel tight and dry, sometimes even itchy, instead of hydrated, soft and smooth. This is not what we want!

So while it might seem that the longer you leave the mask on the better - don't! As soon as the mask starts to dry it's time to wash it off!

By using clay masks properly, you’ll be sure to maximise the benefits and get the ultimate nourishment and hydration out of the mask.