What is a gua sha and how to use it

Looking for a way to take your skincare ritual to the next level? Introduce a gua sha practice to your ritual. 

What is a gua sha?

A gua sha (pronounced gwa-shaa) is massage tool, typically made from stone, that is used to massage the face and body. Our gua sha is made from crystal quartz and is shaped to fit the contours of the face. 

It is used for a relaxing and beneficial massage on both the face and body. Using a gua sha will assist with the penetration of skincare products, the elimination of toxins and stimulate circulation for smoother, tighter and firmer skin. It also assists with releasing tension and muscle and joint pain (it is an amazing release for teeth grinders).

How to use a gua sha

Typically you will see a gua sha being used on the face, however a gua sha can be used for both the face and body.

It is really important to always apply an oil or serum to your skin before using the gua sha so that it will glide gently and not pull - never use it on bare skin. Our 100% Pure Australian Oils are the perfect skin prep for gua sha.

Hold the gua sha on an approximately 45 degree angle to your skin so you are getting a nice amount of contact with the skin. Use your other hand as a support hand so you are not overpulling the skin.

We recommend that you are gentle; using light pressure to reduce puffiness and firmer pressure to relax muscles, but never so firm that it hurts or you bruise your skin. The pressure does cause blood to circulate and rise to the surface so your skin will be red after the treatment. Always stroke in one direction, not back and forth. 

Now, take a few deep relaxing breaths; gua sha should be a mindful ritual.

What is a gua sha and how to use it


Neck: Using the straight edge, gently press at the base of the neck and shoulders and move upwards towards your hairline. Then gently press from the collar bone and move in an upwards motion towards the jaw.

Jawline: Using the dipped edge, sweep from the chin along the jawline in an upward motion towards the ears.

Cheeks: Using the straight edge, gently press from the centre of the face and work outwards towards the ears. Around the eye area you can use the dipped edge.

Brow: Using the straight edge, gently sweep across the brow line starting from the centre and working outwards.

Forehead: Using the straight edge, gently sweep in an upward motion towards the hairline.

For each area, repeat the stroke 3 to 5 times. 


The technique is beneficial all over the body. Here we are focussing on the legs and bum. Divide the area you are treating into 3 to 4 sections and start at the top moving in a downward motion, repeating each stroke approximately 10 times.

Firmer pressure can be used on the body, particularly on any areas where you have cellulite, but there should be no pain. 

As your gua sha massage is a slow and mindful experience, you should feel a sense of calm in your body and mind after the massage, making this not just a skincare ritual, but a ritual for your mind too. 

Finally, as with any form of massage, remember to drink lots of water after to assist with the flushing of toxins.