SUCH (adj.) to the highest degree; to emphasise a quality.

Where we began

In her other life as a lawyer, our founder Mindy spends her days exploring and stress-testing the minutiae of complex contracts all the while moonlighting as a committed skincare critic. A long time believer in the beauty of the bum, Mindy realised no one was caring for curves. Problem solving is second nature to Mindy who set about giving bums the shelf-space they deserved > one year later SUCH was baring it all with research-driven masks & oils made purely from botanical actives. 

Where we are 

Uncompromising in our approach to research, sourcing and formulation, SUCH embodies integrity, both in our impact and our efficacy. Starting from the bottom, we have gone above and beyond > In 2020, we began with a mission to give bums their moment in the sun… and, while we stay true to our clean, kind 'n radiant principles, we have evolved. The beauty of investing in the process means products that work… anywhere. Our multitasking complexion essentials now empower face, body & bottom.

We continue to broaden our horizons, driven by a desire to make radiant skin pure & simple. To do more, with less. To reduce clutter & radiate confidence. Gentle enough to use anywhere, active enough to achieve real results. These are the principles that make such a difference.