Gua Sha feat. Crystal Quartz


Take your skincare ritual to the next level with our Gua Sha. 

The Gua Sha is used for a relaxing and beneficial massage on both the face and body. Using the Gua Sha will assist with the penetration of skincare products, the elimination of toxins and stimulate circulation for smoother > tighter > firmer skin. 

We recommend combining the technique with our Balance > Beyond Oil feat. Calendula or Brighten > Beyond Oil feat. Kakadu Plum.  

Our Gua Sha are made from crystal quartz. We chose crystal quartz because it is prized as a healing stone. Each Gua Sha piece is unique and will vary in colour and size. The Gua Sha must be handled with care. If you drop the Gua Sha, even from a small distance, you will crack or break it. 

The Gua Sha can be used for both the face and body. Always apply an oil or serum to your body before using the Gua Sha - never use it on bare skin. We recommend that you are gentle; using light pressure to reduce puffiness and firmer pressure to relax muscles, but never so firm that it hurts or you bruise your skin. The pressure does cause blood to circulate and rise to the surface so your skin will be red after the treatment. Always stroke in one direction, not back and forth.

Please read our blog article 'What is a gua sha and how to use it' for an instructional guide.


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