The science behind bum masks

The question we are often asked - "do I really need to be using a bum mask?". Need? Well, that's up to you but bum masks are not some crazy trend or April fools' joke. Well, not our bum masks... Let's explore why even dermatologists are getting behind bum masks as an effective butt acne treatment.

Why do I need a bum mask?

It is important to take care of all the skin on your body, not just the areas that are always visible. The skin on your bum is different, in both in its dermal structure and what it is exposed to, than the skin anywhere else on your body and face. It is more prone to rashes, chafing, irritation and yes, conditions like folliculitis and acne, commonly referred to as "butt acne", "buttne" or "butt breakouts" and keratosis pilaris (KP). This is because we sit on our bums all day, subject them to friction and often put them into unbreathable fabrics, leaving our butts to accumulate dirt and oils and become, well a little worse for wear. 

While not "spot" related, the skin on your bum might not feel as soft as the skin on other parts of your body. This is partly because we spend most of our day on our ass and as a consequence, the skin on your bum gets that "thick" feeling that other areas don't. 

What does a bum mask do?

For acne-prone skin and folliculitis, regular exfoliation, the use of clay to detoxify and absorb the build-up that clogs the pores and a topical application of products with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities are recommended treatments. Our Australian Green Clay Bum Mask was formulated to do just this. Naturally. This one-pot stop is an exfoliant-to-mask butt acne treatment, so you get the benefit of two products in one. The mask uses Rice Powder to gently exfoliate, which gets rid of the dead skin cells revealing fresh skin, while the detoxifying powers of Australian Green Clay combined with Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle and Calendula help to calm the skin. It is the ultimate butt acne treatment.

Don't suffer from butt acne so don't need a butt acne treatment? Your skin will still benefit from a bum mask. 

Our Australian Pink Clay Bum Mask is the hydrating, plumping and firming treatment for a softer feeling bum. We carefully selected powdered fruit extracts of Dragon Fruit, Kakadu Plum and Pomegranate for inclusion in our Australian Pink Clay Bum Mask to deliver bright, nourished, healthy and glowing skin. It will also help prevent future butt breakouts. The mask is also amazing for KP sufferers because it help clear the build-up of dead skin cells seen with KP, but doesn't dry out the skin.  

The Science Behind Bum Masks

Can bum masks get rid of cellulite?

We know a lot of people look for skincare for their bums that can treat cellulite.

Cellulite is basically normal fat beneath the skin pushing against connective tissue, resulting in that bumpy, dimpled appearance. Cellulite isn’t dangerous; it’s just one of those things. 

Did you know that between 80% to 90% of women will experience cellulite, typically affecting the bum and thighs? It affects men too. It don’t care who you are! Which is why we *try* and wear ours with pride while also attempting to dry brush and mask into submission. Balance, right? 

While we’re in the business of making skincare for bums, we’re here to tell you that using a product alone won’t do much for dealing with the damned dimples. Yep, that includes all those products promising results with caffeine and guarana. 

And claims that a bum mask will give you a fuller or perkier, more lifted butt? Don't get us started...

So if you’re looking for ways to help smooth out those sexy limbs and minimise the appearance of lumps and bumps, read our insight for a few things that help our bums look (and more importantly, feel) amazing

But science and benefits aside, the masks themselves are fun to use and we guarantee the result of all the carefully selected ingredients in our bum masks is a treatment that will have you feeling yourself.