Make skincare a ritual, not a routine

You will often hear us talking about skincare rituals and how important it is to turn your skincare routines, into rituals. Like the ritualistic act of mixing one of our Australian Clay Bum Masks yourself or massaging one of our 100% Pure Australian Macerated Jojoba Oils into your skin with a Gua Sha

Routine v ritual

So what makes a routine a ritual? It is intention, it is compassion it is self-love. 

A routine is something we do without any thought or care, something we do on auto-pilot. Whacking on a pre-made bum mask to clear up butt acne or slapping on a face and body oil after your shower to make sure you don't have dry skin is a routine.

But, being gentle with yourself, taking a few moments to appreciate your body, to honour your body for working hard to keep you moving, loving and hugging, to check in with how you are feeling, to be compassionate with yourself - that is a ritual.

Why is this important?

When you approach skincare from a ritualistic perspective, from a place of self-love it is positive, it is healing, it is self-care. This naturally translates to exuding inner beauty. The most important beauty.

However, when you approach skincare from a routine perspective, it becomes about trying to change something; about something you don't like about yourself and it can be damaging. It's not what it should be about. 

What motivates you to care for your skin should be a deep love for yourself. It should be an intentional act that you perform out of an appreciation for your body and everything that it does for you.

How to turn your skincare routines into rituals

Make skincare a moment for pause in your day. This doesn't have to be a long pause. It just means being present, checking in with yourself and listening to your body as you use your skincare, really appreciating yourself. 

Focus on the feeling of your touch on your skin or a gua sha sliding across your skin, take a moment to massage any part that feels like it needs it, notice the aromas of the products you are using, the textures. Notice how your skin feels after you have cared for it; nourished and nurtured.

Our products have been formulated with not only results, but also rituals in mind. Our Australian Clay Bum Masks and Macerated Jojoba Oils will achieve excellent results for your skin, but we encourage you to use them as part of your skincare ritual, from the perspective that you are amazing just the way you are. 

This insight was inspired by Mia, who inspires us to look after our vessels and nourish our souls.