Multitasking and multi-masking with Such

Turns out, you love treating your toosh to some TLC as much as we do. While we love seeing all those cute bums, one of the things we love most about all of our customers sharing their Such stories is seeing all the other places our masks are making such a difference. Because who doesn't love a multi-purpose skincare product?

From ingrown hairs to acne to keratosis pilaris to eczema, our bum masks are being put to the test. In this insight, we thought we would share a little more information about each of our masks and which areas our customers are having success using them on other than their bum to get the most out of our multi-purpose skincare products.

Australian Green Clay Mask

Our powerful Australian Green Clay Bum Mask combines the detoxifying powers of Australian Green Clay with Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle and Calendula to help calm the skin. So don’t stop with just your bum for this one - lather your whole body in our green goodness. 

This mask can work overtime to get your whole body as baby smooth as your butt. Starting as a gentle exfoliant and transforming into a detoxifying mask that effectively yet gently sloughs off dead skin revealing skin - it’ll leave your whole body feeling soft, firm and super smooth.

Our customers also love using this mask on their face because it helps to clear breakouts, makes pores visibly smaller and reduces blackheads, while keeping your skin balanced and hydrated. Just remember, when used on the face, the mask should be gently smoothed onto the skin, not applied in circular motions as on the body. You will still experience the exfoliating effects.

The mask is also a chill solution for calming down chest and back acne. It’s also perfect as a post-waxing to deal with any irritating ingrown hairs.

All-natural and preservative-free, this mask is full of other carefully selected ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and pomegranate to hydrate, plump, and firm the skin - no chemicals or synthetic ingredients for you to worry about here.

Multi-tasking and multi-masking with Such

Australian Pink Clay Mask

If your skin is feeling and looking a little dull and needs a little perk me up, then our Australian Pink Clay Bum Mask is for you.

Dry, sensitive skin drinks up the mineral-rich Australian Pink Clay infused with Dragon Fruit, Kakadu Plum, and Pomegranate. The Pink Clay is a favourite for getting that radiant glow. It also works double duty to improve the tightness and texture of your skin.

The rice and oat kernels in the mask also make it the perfect exfoliant-to-mask treatment. It works to gently exfoliate and is then left to dry as a beautiful mask. Or if you need a speedy moisture boost, the Pink Clay has also become a much-loved face mask as it really brightens the skin, visibly reduces pores and leaves hydrated, radiant skin.

It is also an excellent solution if you're prone to getting 'chicken skin' or keratosis pilaris (a.k.a. the little red bumps or lumps on the backs of your arms) as well as eczema. The mask’s soothing natural ingredients (including oat kernel powder, chamomile and aloe vera) are here to help calm those nasty bumps and lumps down.

Such also provides you with the perfect combo for multi-masking – using more than one type of mask on your skin at the same time. Use the Green Clay to detoxify breakout-prone skin and the Pink Clay to brighten dull skin, while they both work their magic to leave the skin soft, smooth and soothed.

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