5 self-care Sunday ideas

Self-care Sunday. It’s a concept we hear about all the time and see hashtagged endlessly, but what is "self-care Sunday" anyways?

The truth is self-care is different for everyone. Self-care is listening to your mind and body. It’s finding that something or things that will give you the physical and mental energy you need to get through the week ahead. It is about ending your weekend feeling rejuvenated, not exhausted.

In this insight, we share 5 ideas you can try out to start creating a self-care ritual, whether on a Sunday or any other day.


Most people know they need to eat right and exercise to be healthy. But what about sleep? Sleep is essential and most of us just don't get enough of it. Sleep rejuvenates our skin, helps control our metabolism and weight, promotes stable moods, boosts our immune system and is necessary for a functioning brain.

So whether you want to sleep in, take an afternoon nap or go to bed early, make it a priority and allow yourself to sleep. 

When you do wake up, wake up slowly. Don't reach for your phone before your eyes are even open (*guilty*). Instead, gently stretch your body and drink some warm water with lemon to gently wake up the digestive system or get outside and wake up with the sun. Your skin and your mind will thank you. 

Feel-good food

Slow down, dust off all those recipe books or scroll through those tasty Instagram saves and take the time of Sunday to make a meal of it. Sunday is the perfect day to indulge in food that takes some time to prepare. 
Whether you’re roasting or letting a lentil ragu sit simmering on the stove from breakfast, Sunday is the perfect day to take your sweet ass time and indulge in some deliciously nourishing self-care. 

Connect with nature

Don't blame it on the rain! Spend some time outside, whatever the weather.  Whether this time is spent walking, running, hitting the beach or just sitting outside in the fresh air, take the time to properly connect with your wonderful world around us.  

Even if only for five minutes, ground your feet in the, well, ground. Take some time to wiggle those toes in the dewy lawn and just breathe. This is a really empowering way to feel a sense of calm and energy.

Get it all down and out 

Writing down your thoughts, your worries, your dreams, things you are grateful or even things that are pissing you off is a great way to focus in on yourself. Often when we write it down, we realise they may not be as overwhelming as they may have felt in our minds. It is also an opportunity for us to flip the script on the narratives we tell ourselves and look at them from a different perspective.

One of our favourite self-care Sunday practices is writing down three things we were grateful from that week and three things we wish to bring into the next. 

If you get a case of the Sunday scaries, you can also use those five minutes as a way to feel calmer and more prepared for the week ahead by writing out a to-do list.

Treat your skin with a mask

Was it really a self-care Sunday if you didn't mask up?

There is something about masking that feels like a treat to yourself, a time for a little self-love. 

Our bum masks are multi-purpose exfoliant-to-masks. By combining two products in one, you can max out on the rest of your self-care Sunday practices. You can enjoy multiple benefits with one product and the time you take out to mix them up and apply them is a soothing and nurturing ritual all on its own. 

While your mask dries, take the time to relax, light some incense and tune in to our Such Skincare playlist on Spotify. You can make the mask rinse off an extra invigorating experience by hanging some eucalyptus in your shower and enjoy every moment of breathing in that calming scent. 

Relax. Take a deep breath. Enjoy some time out for yourself. Now is the time. Be kind and take care of yourself.