Balance Oil 15ml

$9.99 AUD

Travel size balance oil, so you never have to leave it behind !


Balance Oil is a nourishing complexion reset.

- Restore
- Hydrate
- Anti- Age
- Reduces red inflammation
- Treats very dry skin
- Best for acne prone skin and blemishesCommon uses are :

This oil really is Bum > Beyond because it can be used head to toes.

Common uses are :

- Face moisturiser
- Body moisturiser
- Hair/ scalp treatment to hydrate your hair and promote healthy growth
- Eyelash serum
- Facial make up primer
- After shave care
- Beard care ( helps to prevent beard rash and keep your beard hair clean )  

In keeping with our less yet better approach, this fast absorbing formula relies on just two research-backed active botanicals. Pure Australian Jojoba Oil is macerated with ultra-calming Calendula flower to achieve hydrated, clear and glowing skin.

With jojoba oil’s unique restorative properties having a super dose of Vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids such as Omegas 6 and 9 , it mimics the skin’s own cellular composition making it the most natural, and effective choice for reinforcing the skin barrier. This is why it is a great choice for those who are conscious about using products that cause more break outs, because it simply doesn't !

Healing herb Calendula, is amazing as it naturally , remedies redness and inflammation, is anti-fungal and has antibacterial properties that make it useful for soothing eczema and balancing the skin, making it perfect for breakout-prone skin and healing blemishes.

The oil is also non-comedogenic (meaning it will not block your pores) so oil-related breakouts are a non-issue.



You can feel good about buying from Such Skincare knowing that we are Australian owned and all of our skincare products have been certified as Australian made and carry the Australian made logo.


We formulate 100% natural skincare. You won’t find preservatives, silicones, parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, palm oil, PEGs, petrolatum, added synthetic colours or fragrances in our products. So you can be confident that what you are putting on your skin is not only beneficial, but not detrimental to you or the planet.


All of our skincare products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme and certified as not being tested on animals. They also contain no ingredients derived from animals so you can enjoy your skincare ritual without fear that animals have been harmed in the process.


Our skincare products are waterless, which means they are more potent because they contain active ingredients that aren’t watered down (literally). Not only does your skin benefit from the higher concentrations of pure active ingredients, but you get better value for money.


We make multitasking products that can be used on your bum, chest, face or anywhere. By using less products, you eliminate steps, your skin is not overloaded with too many products and you reduce waste and overconsumption. Better for skin, planet and pocket.