Multiple ways to use our Macerated > Beyond Oils

Our Macerated > Beyond Oils are proving to live up to their hype, taking the skin on your face and body from dull to glowing, from reactive to calm, from dehydrated to dewy in just one step. But our customers are finding a number of other uses for our oils, making them the ultimate multitasking product.

Here are some of the ways our customers are using our oils > beyond:

Eyelash serum

Such Skincare's owner noticed the length and volume of her eyelashes improve from the incidental swipe of oil over her eyes as the last step when applying the Brighten > Beyond Oil to her face. Then the reviews started coming in from our customers with the same experience... 

"Obsessed with this oil! I use it all over my body and it leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. It absorbs quickly without a oily feel. I also use it around and under my eyes especially when I’m tired. It helps to brighten my face and I’ve notice my lashes are getting thicker (bonus!)" Dominique

"I ordered this oil after noticing my eyebrow ladies amazing eyelashes! Not only is my skin smoother and glowing but I swear my eye lashes are also growing! Love it so much I’ve ordered a bottle for my sister as well!" Caroline   

Lip oil

Rich in fatty acids, the oils are really beneficial for lips. Full of oleic, lignoceric, and gondoic acids, the oils provide ultimate hydration. Gently rubbed into dry, chapped lips after your cleansing routine, the oils soothe and moisturise. And because the oil is non-comedogenic, it won't cause those lip line pimples that lip balms often do. 

Nail & cuticle oil

Jojoba Oil isn't really an oil, it is a wax ester and it has very small molecules compared to true oils. This makes it readily absorbed by the nails and cuticles for maximum moisture. Moisturised cuticles mean softer nails that are less likely it is to break and less breaks means quicker growth! And thanks to its lightweight composition, you won't be left with oily feeling hands. 

Hair serum

Fine, dry hair and/or dandruff? You need to try the oils as a hair serum. All you need is a small amount in your hand and run it through for shiny healthy hair. Both oils, but particularly the Balance > Beyond Oil which includes healing herb Calendula, is an effective scalp treatment remedying redness and inflammation and getting rid of any flakes.  

Beard oil

Don't just apply to the skin on your face, but carry the treatment into your facial hair. Rough facial hear can be an itchy, uncomfortable experience. Our oils will soften and smooth the hair without leaving it feeling greasy or weighed down. 

After-shave care

Naturally anti-inflammatory, our oils are perfect to soothe sensitive skin post shaving, taking down any redness or inflammation. The unique restorative properties > a super dose of Vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids, Omegas 6 and 9 > mimics the skin’s own cellular composition making it the most natural, and effective, choice for reinforcing the skin barrier post shaving.


Make-up artists love using our oils to prep skin. In fact, it's said that if you ask a professional makeup artist how they prep skin, they say a facial oil nine times out of ten because creams tend to sit on the surface of the skin and cause makeup to slide and look uneven. Our Beyond > Macerated Oils absorb into the skin hydrating as they go, leaving the perfect base to apply make-up. 

So for all you smart, conscious consumers out there who love streamlining your skincare routines to maximise efficacy and efficiency - the Macerated > Beyond Oils are for you.